Integrate CodeIgniter

Require shieldfy package

From your console navigate to your application folder and enter the command below:

composer require shieldfy/shieldfy-php-client

for more information about composer click here

Enable Hooks

Enable hooks in the config application/config/config.php

$config['enable_hooks'] = TRUE;

Load Shieldfy

Add the following lines at the end of application/config/hooks.php file

if(!class_exists(\Composer\Autoload\ClassLoader::class)) require_once(FCPATH.'/vendor/autoload.php');

$shieldfy = \Shieldfy\Guard::init([
    'app_key'       => '<APP_KEY>',
    'app_secret'    => '<APP_SECRET>'

$hook['post_controller_constructor'] = \Shieldfy\Extensions\CodeIgniter\Bridge::hook($shieldfy,isset($hook) ? $hook : null);